Spaghetti al Nero di Seppia (Squid-Ink Pasta)

About a month ago, Christina Soong-Kroeger from The Hungry Australian kindly offered me an opportunity I simply couldn’t resist. Who is she? Well, if you’ve been keeping up with the Australian food-blogging scene, you’ll know that she has been on a fast but exciting journey to being one of our local food-blogging ambassadors. But for … Continue reading

A Day in Amsterdam

Before I even begin, I must profusely apologise for not writing a single post during my European holiday, contrary to what I said in my previous post. It was just too difficult to allocate time to write, sort photos and do whatever is required for a blog post – all from an iPad. Plus, we … Continue reading

The Journey Begins…

The winter months arrived and bade farewell all too quickly! Yes there were days (especially cold, wet and miserable ones) where one would beg for the darling buds of spring to just appear already. Reminsicing the months passed, the dreariness often associated with winter had been less apparent for me this year – in fact, … Continue reading

The Aussie Rojak

Rojak. Translated from the Malay language as a “mixture”, this exotic fruit and vegetable salad appears in different forms, colours and tastes as one travels across South East Asia. The mamaks (Tamil-Muslims) of Malaysia have their Pasembur variety – a blend of fried dough fritters, bean curds, hard-boiled eggs, prawn fritters, bean sprouts, cucumber and … Continue reading

Prosciutto and Peach Salsa with Thin Toasts

A few months ago, Janice stumbled upon a food blog which got her particularly excited. Christina Soon-Kroeger – author of The Hungry Australian – started her food blog around the same time I did last year. Yet the quality of her writing, photography and food ideas impressed us greatly. Her life thus far with regard … Continue reading